New Year: the beautiful minimalism of a blank slate

We have a new year upon us, and while "January 1" is just an arbitrary date, for most of us, it feels like a new beginning. And there's something beautifully minimalist about this new beginning — it's a blank slate, where we can do anything, imagine possibilities, become a new person.

A case against optimizing your life

Many people I know are on a quest to optimize their lives — some of my favorite people in the world will spend days trying to perfect a productivity system, get things automated, or find the perfect software for anything they’re doing. They are continually searching for the ideal diet,

All about Stillness

I’ve heard from many people who say, “I overthink,” or “I can’t get out of my head.” This is pretty common. Thinking isn’t the problem, but the struggle comes when we’re continually spinning stories in our heads and getting caught up in them. Our minds jump

Make it your job

When you’re feeling resentful or angry about something, it’s worth stopping to consider why. This morning, I woke up to a dirty kitchen, and as I do most mornings, I started cleaning it up. Washing dishes, wiping counters, putting dishes away, and so on. I do this a

Think about your life goals

There’s never a good time to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. We have busy lives, and even when we’re not working, we might feel more like vegging in front of the TV or checking our feeds than thinking about the rest of our

Let's talk about sleep

I have no trouble sleeping in. Besides, I can fall asleep just about anywhere. In a car, a bus, a plane, my parents' place. When I wake up, I feel rested. At least that’s what I thought I was. I’m not rested at all. I felt tired during

The importance of a morning routine

Let's talk about my morning routine. For a while now, I made my morning routine into a daily habit. I've tried different versions of a morning routine in the past, and have enjoyed them immensely. I just haven't stuck with one for a month or more, but I finally have

The beauty of small

Less can come in many forms. You can have fewer things; you can do fewer things, use fewer words; you can focus on fewer things. But less isn’t just fewer: it can also be smaller. Small is often downplayed in this world of “bigger means better.” But small is
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