The two most powerful ways to create a healthy eating pattern

While most people want to find a way to eat healthier, they are up against forces more robust than they understand. Sure, we’d like to eat healthier — but then why do we keep failing? Why are most of us getting heavier over time, despite our best efforts? To figure

The pause upon which all else relies

There is one little habit I’ve learned that has changed everything else in my life. The pause. When we fail, it’s because we act on urges without thinking, without realizing it. We have the urge to eat junk, and we do it. We have the urge to check

Constant task switching

I know I’m losing focus when I’m always jumping around from task to task. This is a “red flag” for me — a sign that I’m doing something wrong. You’ve done it too: switching from one browser tab to another, opening various emails and other messages, checking

How to start meditating

Meditation has hit the mainstream! We’re hearing it talked about more and more, scientific studies are being conducted on its’ benefits, and grade schools are even starting to teach it to students. And it all makes perfect sense. We know that exercise is vital for our physical health, and

Let's talk about sleep

I have no trouble sleeping in. Besides, I can fall asleep just about anywhere. In a car, a bus, a plane, my parents' place. When I wake up, I feel rested. At least that’s what I thought I was. I’m not rested at all. I felt tired during

Purpose Your Day: Most Important Task (MIT)

I’ve mentioned this briefly in my morning routine, but I thought I’d explain a little bit more about MITs – Most Important Tasks. It’s not an original concept, but one that I use daily, and that has helped me out tremendously. It’s straightforward: your MIT is the

The importance of a morning routine

Let's talk about my morning routine. For a while now, I made my morning routine into a daily habit. I've tried different versions of a morning routine in the past, and have enjoyed them immensely. I just haven't stuck with one for a month or more, but I finally have
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