Everyday life

Make it your job

When you’re feeling resentful or angry about something, it’s worth stopping to consider why. This morning, I woke up to a dirty kitchen, and as I do most mornings, I started cleaning it up. Washing dishes, wiping counters, putting dishes away, and so on. I do this a

The three secrets to happiness

We all know that money can’t buy happiness, but many times we act as if we’d be happier with a bit more money. We are conditioned to want to be rich (when we know the rich aren’t happy either); we are trained to want the latest gadget

Turn inspiration into action

How many times have you read a great article, had an idea, or wanted to make a change but didn’t? It’s one of the biggest frustrations for people who read this site: people blame themselves for not implementing a plan to change habits. It takes a switch in

Constant task switching

I know I’m losing focus when I’m always jumping around from task to task. This is a “red flag” for me — a sign that I’m doing something wrong. You’ve done it too: switching from one browser tab to another, opening various emails and other messages, checking

How to start meditating

Meditation has hit the mainstream! We’re hearing it talked about more and more, scientific studies are being conducted on its’ benefits, and grade schools are even starting to teach it to students. And it all makes perfect sense. We know that exercise is vital for our physical health, and

Let's talk about sleep

I have no trouble sleeping in. Besides, I can fall asleep just about anywhere. In a car, a bus, a plane, my parents' place. When I wake up, I feel rested. At least that’s what I thought I was. I’m not rested at all. I felt tired during

The importance of a morning routine

Let's talk about my morning routine. For a while now, I made my morning routine into a daily habit. I've tried different versions of a morning routine in the past, and have enjoyed them immensely. I just haven't stuck with one for a month or more, but I finally have

You'll be OK

In the neverending rush of our day, what does one little task matter? It is everything. We speed through each task as if it’s nothing, looking already to the next task, until we collapse at the end of the day, exhausted. Having spent a day cranking through nothings. That’
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